“Having had a skeptical attitude toward coaching in the past, meeting Rebecca and feeling drawn to her and her natural gifts gave me the boost I needed to take the leap of faith. Inside of three months my income has nearly doubled, I have achieved a manageable work schedule, and I have carved out extra quality time with my husband and 4 year old son Jonah. What could be more important? Achieving a work-life balance is something I’ve only dreamed about until now. When I meet with Rebecca, I feel like she must have just finished an hour prep period for our session, and then I remember that coaching comes naturally because the Lord is her guide. My financial commitment to business coaching is absolutely nothing compared to the rewards that I am experiencing in all areas of my life. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thank you Rebecca.”  ~Virginia Reuhrwein, Total Student Support

“Rebecca’s ‘whole-listic’ approach to coaching has been invaluable to me.  As a Christian entrepreneur, wife and mom I desperately needed a coach to guide me in balancing all areas of my life; not just the business side. Rebecca has shared life-changing insights and productivity tools with me that have propelled my business and personal life to a place that I only imagined in the past.  Any Christian woman that’s eager to grow and willing to try new things would be blessed to have Rebecca for a coach.”  ~Stephanie Nivinskus, Impressions Marketing Studio

“Rebecca’s coaching has assisted me in gaining clarity and focus for my business.  Rebecca  has listened to understand my vision and passion for my business and then helped me to create practical steps to make it happen. My business has grown – almost doubled in just six months since coaching began and I now have increased confidence that I am offering services that are God-purposed.”  ~Phyllis Vokey Long, MFT

I feel as though I have an additional “team” member.  Part of what Rebecca did was help me get focused.  As a sole proprietor my concern was how to find the time to grow and become more profitable?  Rebecca’s practical advice led to a 40% increase in my income – in less than 3 month’s time!  She helped me define my current tasks, put a market level value on them and fine-tune new client proposals.  She helped me to expand my thinking beyond what I can do today individually to what I can do in the future.  I would recommend Rebecca Garcia to any individual or small business that is ready to grow!”     ~Karen Richwine, All in One Office Services

“CSN Books has enjoyed the benefit of Rebecca Garcia’s coaching and consulting.  Her contributions to our organization has converted our office chaos into predictable, set procedures.  She has helped isolate and attack areas where there were serious “cracks” in the system and has helped us solidify our goals and objectives.  One tangible, but important element, is that her presence has stimulated a sense of hope and encouragement in our office, even in the midst of a down economy.  As Founder of CSN Books, I highly recommend Rebecca Garcia as a coach and a consultant.”  ~Dr. Michael Wourms, CSN Books

I’ve worked with Rebecca on two separate occasions – she coached me with my business and balancing a busy professional and personal life. I found Rebecca to be insightful, practical and creative. She understood my business and challenges and was empathetic and yet kept me accountable. I learned techniques and processes I continue to use effectively. I highly recommend Rebecca as a coach!”  ~Kelly Nilsson, CFP®, ChFc®

“Rebecca is an incredibly talented business/life coach. She is passionate about what she does and truly cares about the success of her clients. She taught me in terms of creating an “Ideal Week” vs. a “Perfect Week”. Just shifting my focus from perfect to ideal allowed me to take a lot of stress off myself. She taught me how to think outside that ever so common “box”. She has also encouraged me that when I’m afraid to do something (step outside of my comfort zone), do it afraid… What a difference in my business since working with Rebecca!!!”
~Kelly Cunningham, Designed 2B Fit

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rebecca as a business coach. She helped me get clarity on my mission and purpose for my business. I’ve never really “dreamed big” until my coaching with Rebecca. Now I have gigantic dreams and am excited about all of the possibilities.”  ~Malia Holleran, Maliamedia.biz

“Rebecca is a warm, welcoming woman whose genuine desire to help others is plain in her demeanor. Her style as a business coach is to help her clients discover what they truly want from their career, and then brainstorm ways to achieve those goals. I found Rebecca’s assurance – in fact, insistence! – that trusting my own instincts, and getting out of my own way, was the right path very empowering. I strongly recommend Rebecca, and thank her repeatedly for her guidance.”  ~Meredith Gronroos, Voicebox Communications

“Rebecca prepares very well and always provides a supportive and inspirational atmosphere for her business coaching group sessions. She uses a variety of creative means to enable clients to consider their potential and to visualize their dreams. She also enables clients to envision the practical steps needed to begin turning dreams into realities. Rebecca genuinely cares about her clients and this is evident in every encounter.”  ~Roxanne Rogers, ESL Teacher

“Rebecca is gifted, positive, and innovative. She is a master of self-discovery, unlocking ideas and purpose. She is sincere in her belief of each persons purpose and works diligently to move you from the ordinary to the extraordinary! I personally have turned to her time and time again when faced with a crossroad or speed-bump in my business. Thank you Rebecca!”  ~Kim Vinyard, Floraliscious

“I went through a group coaching series that Rebecca put on about a year ago.  Joining that session helped me to make some life changing decisions and choices. Rebecca was very encouraging, knowledgeable and compassionate.  She always called to check up on me and was always available to help me when I needed someone to bounce things off of. Rebecca is a professional woman with a beautiful spirit and I love her!”
~Rhea Matthews, Bookkeeping by Rhea

“Rebecca has been wonderful throughout the coaching process.  She helped me establish goals and set priorities.  She helped me find clarity and steered me in the right direction. I created an “Ideal Week” schedule to better manage my time.  I was also able to envision what my “ideal life” would look like and to prioritize which goals needed to be accomplished first to obtain the “ideal life” I had envisioned.  It was great to be encouraged and to have someone to talk to.  Rebecca always has great advice and she knows exactly what to say to get me motivated.”   ~Shannon Harbert

“I have had my own business for the last 13 years and Rebecca has always been extremely supportive and encouraging. She continues to give me terrific ideas for ways to improve and expand my business.  One of Rebecca’s strengths is her ability to help women push beyond the issues from the past and get to living the life we want to create but haven’t been able to on our own.  Having Rebecca in your corner, cheering you on, encouraging you, praying for you and keeping you accountable to your goals is priceless. I recommend hiring her as your Coach – you’ll be glad you did!”    ~Cassandra Deas, Penelope and Friends Entertainment

“I am fortunate to have known Rebecca for more than 10 years. Her kindness and dedication resonate easily because she genuinely cares about the welfare of others. Many people, including myself, have benefitted from the tools that Rebecca has introduced to help achieve a more productive, balanced, and happier life. The spirit that she exudes in her coaching workshops is infectious. She has a special way of helping others see that life’s obstacles do not have to hinder them from achieving their deepest aspirations. As a consultant, she is truly a natural in helping others realize their dreams and their God-given potential. Rebecca is a wonderful friend and associate whom I recommend without hesitation.”   ~Shirley Cotton

“Rebecca has amazing insights that enable you to see what changes you really need to make and what really matters. Her sincerity and heartfelt enthusiasm for your personal success is truly remarkable and always goes above and beyond my expectations. Rebecca’s advice is sound and thoughtful, based on many years of personal and professional expertise which she shares freely and openly. She is as genuine as they come and maintains confidentiality at all times.”   ~June Dudas

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